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title. Shared fragments in time

date. 2014

artist statement.

...Stories of stitch and dye showcase two talented artists, Kirsten Ingemar and Enid Taylors’, love of textiles and its versatility as a creative medium. Using age-old textile dyeing and stitch techniques, each artist intertwines fragments of both personal memory and the material history of their craft to create visually stunning and poetically powerful works. The artists lovingly create beautiful artworks by reusing, repairing and mending, a testament to the pleasure and satisfaction gained from repurposing instead of discarding unwanted materials.

The works presented in this exhibition are an evocative trace of lost moments - for Ingemar of her native Denmark; and Taylor of poignant childhood memories.

Ingemars’ textile works explore memory interwoven with the concept of mapping as a way of describing landscape or place. Feeling a strong sense of place to Australia and her native Denmark, Ingemar has created a series of works that capture the essence of each place through an alchemical plant dyeing process that literally captures the colours and ghostly leaf impressions within the body of the fabric. Through stitch and dye Ingemar explores landscapes of her childhood combined with underlying stories from her bicultural perspective.

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